Why do most people not maintain their exercise routines?  Well there are many reasons why.  Here is one of the most common.  It is not fun.  Sometimes that happens because they place  too much emphasis on the end results. Say they   want to lose 15 lbs and after 6 or 8 weeks they have only lost 10lbs.  They feel like they failed and get frustrated.  But the real question is:  Are they feeling better?

Another reason may be in trying to use that 15 lbs they worked too hard or too much and now they have pain or discomfort somewhere.  It is no longer fun.

Exercise is a lifestyle change and you need to gradually adapt to it and work at a level that is appropriate for you on that day.  Somedays you may want to go for a long hike but another day maybe just a short walk and a few stretches is best.  The point is make sure you add some type of mindful movement into your day and over time you will learn to listen to your body and provide the right dose of movement that you need.


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