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A non-judgemental boutique studio located in Paradise, NL  that allows you to work your body properly to optimize its full potential through proper movement, mindset, and mannerisms.  You will learn what your unique body needs are and build on them through various practices.


How is STUDIO 103 different


In our sessions, you will tune into your body and learn to realize whether a movement is good for you. We believe in No Pain, All Gain.
Feeling pain is your body’s way of communicating with you to release or stop that movement.  Expereience how modifications, intensity, length, and other components can make a massive change in your progress.  In-studio sessions provide  better communication and connection with each other. We are always educating yourselves with the latest research within the industry to ensure we provide safe, satisfying, and science-based solutions.

Learn More About What We Offer

Kathy is always learning more about how the mind-body-soul connects.  She has completed several other training and certifications in Active Aging, Stress Resilience, Fascia Connection, Relationships and Communication, Brian Fitness, and Core Functional Fitness. 



Several of our sessions are geared to the active aging population,   whether you have been a hard core movement person over the years and now are starting the feel the impact of that or have been a non or mininal-exerciser who needs a place to start educating your body on how to move properly.



Resilency is a muscle we all should develop in these unpredictable times.  Through good mindset and mannerisms we can educate our bodies to accept the stressors that we encounter on our winding road of life.

fascia free


Awake and work the fascia lines of the body and generate new pathways.  Is it the key to a timeless body? Well it can certainly prevent wear and tear on your joints by awakening your intelligent, inner communication system.


The contemporary approach to the original Joseph Pilates method based on modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation.

Use of many different pilates props- flexbands, mini-balls, fitness circles, and/or stability balls.


Using Pilates equipment such as the Reformer you can enhance how your body responds to specialized movements that will improve your strength, mobility, flexibility and overall awareness.



A full body, dynamic technique that works through the muscle chains, liberating and empowering the muscles,  releasing tension, improving strength and flexability,  increase body awareness, and enhance your life.



Learn some basic movement patterns that will release stiffness in your joints, stress in your body,  improvment in posture and  build team productivity.

personal training


Want to have  a very specific/unique program for your goals then personal training is your answer.  We start by accessing your goals with your expectations and limitations and create a program that will work for your body and lifestyle.

Contact for more info

CALL/ TEXT:  709-690-9046

EMAIL:  kjb@nl.rogers.com

What Clients are Saying!

“Essentrics has been the best thing I have done for my shoulder problems. “

Janet C

“I really enjoy my workouts at Studio 103,  Each session builds on my flexibility, core strength, and energizes me for the day.  Kathy is  a great instructor who shares her passion for fitness and health in every class while taking time to accommodate my individual fitness needs.”

Jane R

“The combination of Pilates and Essentrics has enhanced my body awareness and conditioning”.

Lesley T.

I have been working out with Kathy for many years.  Kathy’s workouts help me maintain my flexibility and strengthen my core.  Classes are small and you get personal attention.

Laura P

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